Questions I Asked?

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Questions I Asked? by Mind Map: Questions I Asked?

1. Do you find yourself wasting time?

2. Are You bored right now?

3. Are you getting enough rest?

4. Have you ever felt restless?

5. Are You annoyed at this very second?

6. Do you want to quit?

7. Are people counting on you?

8. Are you afraid that you'll fail?

9. Do you have a responsibility to yourself or others?

10. Don't tell me you're depressed?

11. Life gets hard are you ready for the ride?

12. Mindless thinking about what the real world?

13. Are you nervous about your job interview?

14. Did you remember to pay the rent?

15. Are You daydreaming?

16. Are you being productive?

17. Are you sure you can handle this pressure?

18. Are You mature enough?

19. How old are you again?

20. I think I have one more question.