DevOps for Ops Workshop

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DevOps for Ops Workshop by Mind Map: DevOps for Ops Workshop

1. Day 1

1.1. What is DevOps?

1.1.1. Philosophy

1.1.2. Important of Source Control

1.2. What are we going to do for 2 days?

1.3. How are we going to do it?

1.3.1. What is the toolchain?

1.3.2. What have we pre-setup and what will you need to setup?

1.4. Start configuring attendee dependencies

1.4.1. GitHub account

1.4.2. Download and install Git

1.4.3. Register email/ssh git - github

1.4.4. Maybe you need a new editor. Right tools make all the diff, Notepad not the right tool. vim Nope-> emacs you should leave... :) notepad++ vscode Preferred at this point atom, sublime, etc...

1.4.5. etc...

1.5. Walk through process and terminology - repo/fork/commit/pull/

1.6. Fork and clone our "Hello World" repo

1.7. Download and configure Jenkins

1.8. Connect GitHub repos to Jenkins

1.9. Config triggering a Jenkins job to run with every code commit

1.9.1. Build docker image and redeploy??? Read the room - maybe have an option to show a demo of this to the audience if they seem sophisticated enough

1.10. Changes "Hello World" to "I prefer FizzBuzz" and commit

1.11. Close out Day one

1.11.1. Now that we understand the basis concepts of a revision control, CI/CD, the pipeline and toolchain we can focus on applying these concepts for Ops, aka DevOps for Ops.

2. Day 2

2.1. What is Configuration Management

2.1.1. Why is it important?

2.2. What is YAML?

2.3. What is Ansible?

2.4. Connecting the dot's between "Hello World" and IaC and Configuration Management

2.5. Infrastructure-as-Code

2.6. Ansible and Configuration Managment

2.6.1. NetOps

2.6.2. SysOps

2.7. Independent Solutioning

2.7.1. Identify all systems where service X is accessible, and remediate.

2.7.2. Ransomware on the Network, lock down the network.

2.7.3. Document and codify a desired system state, codify and apply with Ansible.

2.7.4. Etc...

2.8. Gamified active environment - run a live stress test