Task Analysis: Medical Technology

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Task Analysis: Medical Technology by Mind Map: Task Analysis: Medical Technology

1. household

1.1. working from home

1.1.1. back support for better posuture

1.1.2. typing wrist rest ergonomic keyboard

1.2. countertop edge pad

1.3. arm sleeve to prevent fatigue and muscle cramps

2. sports

2.1. playing sports after an injury

2.1.1. leg guards

2.2. pads to prevent injury

2.2.1. shin pads

2.2.2. extra support on fragile areas while doing sport

3. eating and cooking

3.1. pan grips

3.1.1. bright coloured

3.1.2. thermochromic materials

3.1.3. silicone

3.2. curved and bent handles for people that are not able to grip onto things properly

3.3. custom shaped cutlery

3.3.1. made of silicone to prevent injury bright coloured so easy to spot

3.4. thermochromic mugs with bright colours to sight impaired people

3.4.1. able to know when their drink is hot or cold without burning themselves

3.5. lightweight pots and pans

3.5.1. very easy to pickup for people that are weak or don't have much energy

4. hospitals and healthcare

4.1. walking devices

4.2. crutch that is able to hold you up during long periods of standing

4.3. better and more comfortable shoes for nurses

4.4. 3d printed casts with foam and rubber for comfort

4.5. wheelchair that is very lightweight for easy transport

5. everyday objects

5.1. molded or 3D printed phone case

5.2. safety helmet to protect and to hold items