CORRUPTION can best be prevented through

Transparency, Corruption, Good Governance

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CORRUPTION can best be prevented through by Mind Map: CORRUPTION can best be prevented through

1. REFORMS which are anchored on

1.1. Economy

1.2. Efficiency

1.3. Effectiveness

1.4. Transparency

1.4.1. Types Agent Controlled Transparency Response to Freedom of Information and other transparency requirements Corrupt agent tend to make it more complicated Non-Agent Controlled (Free Press) Fact-digging function Whistle-blower institution Not restricted to public records

1.4.2. Conditions Strong and High Publicity Demand (Captures Interest) Mediators (Press Freedom and Wide Media Circulation) Cognitive Capacity (Level of Education) Strong and High Accountability Political (Full Electoral Democracy) Legal (Rule of Law)

1.5. Social Growth

1.6. Innovation

1.7. Good Governance