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Frank McCourt by Mind Map: Frank McCourt

1. 1934

1.1. Frank McCourt`s family returned to Ireland

1.1.1. He wanted better life. So they returned to Ireland. Their life was still very hard. Three children died. The family remained very poor and very hungry.

2. 1949

2.1. Frank McCourt returned the United States.

2.1.1. He was only 19 years old. He wanted to start new life. He ashamed his past life.

3. 1997

3.1. Angela`s Ashes had recieved America `s The Pulitzer Prize

3.1.1. The book was so good. So he became famous.

4. 1996

4.1. His book`s name Angela`s Ashes. It hits the book store.

4.1.1. The book became best seller within very short period.

5. 1994

5.1. Frank McCourt Begins to write his book

5.1.1. He struggle to write to his memories. The first time it was so difficult because he had to dig deep into his past life.

6. 1970

6.1. He begins at Seward Park high school

6.1.1. He`s students loved his life stories. As he told stories he realized that how his past life affected him and his students.

7. 1981

7.1. His mother died.

7.1.1. After his mother died he realized that he had know excuses not to write his memories. When his mother was alive he did not write his childhood stories.