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Eang bao by Mind Map: Eang bao

1. Advantages

1.1. Environmental friendly

1.1.1. EAng Bao, unlike the traditional ones, does not require the red packet made by paper which usually will be thrown away after having been used only once. Eang bao is given through online platforms, does not produce any wastes and at the same time, reduces the paper used in production of red packets too.

1.2. Convenient

1.2.1. Without travelling and visiting, eang bao can also be given to people who are far apart from each other. This makes giving angbao easier and faster, especially for people who are not able to visit. For example, most people in Singapore have only 4 days of cny holidays which may not be enough to visit all relatives and friends. Also, in a special situation like coronavirus, it would be better to spend time with family at home instead of visiting. Thus, Eang bao can be a choice which helps to send the wishes with just a few clicks.

2. Disadvantages

2.1. Against the purpose

2.1.1. Ang bao is meant to bring people together during the festival whereas eang bao defeat the purpose. The meaning of visiting is not just giving ang bao but also bonding, so if the use of Eang bao have became an alternative of visiting, angbao would be meaningless and people would be more distant as many may thus choose to give eangbao without visiting.

2.2. High risk of being hacked

2.2.1. If eang bao is used by the majority, there will be a large amount of money transaction during cny, and risk of being targeted by the hackers will be higher. Hacking happens in Singapore, example is the healthcare system was hacked in 2018 and many data was stolen, which means by all online activities have the risk of being hacked.