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Course Reflection by Mind Map: Course Reflection

1. The course is easier for me to understand and it change my perception that Error and Contrastive Analysis is actually fun.

1.1. Why I took this course?

2. So many things that I have learnt, for example how to analyze the error from the first and second language speaker

2.1. What I have learn

3. Theories and some topic that I could not understand; FFI

3.1. The most difficult aspects in this course

4. I can improve my language with the help of the course and I gain a new knowledge about grammar

4.1. How it assist me academically

5. Padlet is very interesting and it helps me to understand the topic in a different way

5.1. Most memoriable lessons

6. I started to realize that Grammar is not easy. I love grammar but I need to explore more about Grammar so that I can improve my skills

6.1. Influences for my holistical