Toolkit Controversy

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Toolkit Controversy by Mind Map: Toolkit Controversy

1. Why in news

1.1. Disha Ravi

1.1.1. was arrested for the toolkit case

1.1.2. Climate activists

1.1.3. Founding member of Fridays for Future India Campaign Fridays for Future

2. What is a toolkit

2.1. Online document that explains a cause or issue

2.2. Its like a pamphlet or a flier

2.3. Explains how to take the protest forward

3. How did Greta Thunberg get involved ?

3.1. Greta Thunberg tweeted a toolkit

3.1.1. Related to the contentious farm laws

3.1.2. toolkit guided people To stand in solidarity of the ongoing farmers protests original toolkit which was deleted Called for a digital strike on or before 26th Jan 2021 To carry out protest outside Indian embassies

4. Charge by Delhi police

4.1. Toolkit shared by Greta Thunberg

4.1.1. Played major role in turning 26th Jan tractor parade violent

4.2. Toolkit created in collaboration with

4.2.1. Pro Khalistan organisation

4.3. Arrested

4.3.1. For creating and editing the toolkit Which was shared by Greta Thunberg Which instigated the violence toolkit created to tarnish the image of India

4.3.2. Disha Ravi

4.3.3. Nikita Jacob Lawyer

4.3.4. Shantanu Muluk Engineer

4.3.5. Booked them under IPC section 124(A) For sedition Sec 153 (A) For promoting enmity between different sections of society Sec 120 (B) For criminal conspiracy

5. Extinction Rebellion (XR)

5.1. Disha Ravi,Jacob and Muluk are members of XR

5.2. What is it

5.2.1. Global environment movement Seeks to call attention to the climate change emergency Wants to persuade government To act justly on the climate and environmental emergency Decentralised and politically non partisan Wants government To urgently bring change To reduce greenhouse gas emissions

5.3. Launched in

5.3.1. UK

5.3.2. 2018

5.3.3. After UN Intergovernmental report on Climate Change Declared that

5.4. Presence in

5.4.1. 75 countries Including India

5.5. Activities

5.5.1. Declaration of Rebellion In London Demanded the government To reduce carbon emission Planned to engage in International Rebellion In March 2019

5.5.2. Blocked entrances to railways stations In London Locked themselves to gates

5.5.3. protested in other countries and disrupted public transport USA Australia New Zealand

5.6. In India

5.6.1. Vocal against Climate Change Local issues like Farmers Protest

5.6.2. Save Moslem Campaign against 3 major infrastructure projects In Goa

5.6.3. Coal sustainability and conservation Of Western Ghats