Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5

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Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5 by Mind Map: Laughter Out of Place Chapter 4 & 5

1. Chapter 4: Childhood & Children

1.1. Children of domestic workers see their parents and want to make sure they don't have to do the same work.

1.1.1. This is exacerbated by the fact that many shantytowns border nicer cities (like Rocinha and Zona Sul). Children see the stark difference between classes. The rich led the "good life"

1.2. Many children become "street children"

1.2.1. 200,000 claimed Newsweek in '92

1.2.2. Children are contracted to do the "dirty work" of gangs

1.2.3. "Street children" who are girls are especially vulnerable to be attack: physically and sexually


1.3.1. Orphaned/troubled children are sent here and treated horribly.

2. Chapter 5: Violence & Gangs

2.1. Violence

2.1.1. Cyclical, depending on who was running the gangs at the time

2.1.2. Different for everyone depending on race, class, sex

2.2. Gangs

2.2.1. Drugs and gangs are synonymous

2.2.2. Appeal Offer a sense of belonging Money Escape from poverty

2.2.3. Local gang leaders are more accepted Police will work with them Handle "insider" business Getting rid of people the police cant