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Open Notebook Science by Mind Map: Open  Notebook Science
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Open Notebook Science

What is Open Notebook Science (ONS)?

Practice of making the entire primary record of a research project available online in real-time, or as near real-time as possible.

Practice is similar to keeping a paper notebook in lab, Key difference: OPEN ACCESS

Things that go in the notebook:

Minimum, methods/protocols, raw data, processed data

Going the extra mile, project outline, equipment lists and details, negative results/failed experiments, experimental elaborations, explanations on how results were obtained, nuances with experiment setup, excessive details

Types of Open Notebooks

Blog Format, Andy Maloney - UT Austin,, Alex Haddad - UNM,, Steve McIntyre -,

Tumblr, Damian J. - UT Austin,

Self hosted Wordpress, Carl Boettiger,, Me,, Maria Benitez - UNM (308L Open Notebook Experiment),, John Espinoza - UNM (308L Open Notebook Experiment),

Google Docs

My Google Doc Notebook,

Brian Josey - UNM (308L Open notebook experiment),

Stephen Pietromonaco - UNM (308L Open Notebook Experiment),


Jean-Claude Bradley - Drexel University,, Raf Aerts,, my OWW notebook (pre-IheartAnthony),, Tons more!,

GitHub wiki (see below)





LabTrove, Cameron Neylon - Science and Technology Facilities Council,

GitHub, Rob Olendorf - UNM,, Brandon Middleton - UNM (308L Open Notebook Experiment),

Archived (.pdf),



My notebook

Project Planning


All protocols,


Live Results

Raw and Interpreted Data,_DI_Water,_30_,_60__and_99__D2O/92159

Failed Experiments

All entries for an entire failed experiment,


Project Fundraising


Comments provide real-time peer review/critique,,

Get to ask questions about experiments, products, etc,

Debate Science Issues,

Ask questions to the world,

Project Planning,

My experiences

Phys 308L Electronics Lab - The ONS Experiment

Motivations, to create a test community of open scientists, understand interactions between scientists online, discover pros/cons of various notebooking platforms, observe notebooking behaviors


ONS success stories

sharing experiences with different notebook platforms, What's the best platform?, How do I get started?

How to maintain an open notebook

open notebooks for everyone

conversations with many in the open science community

NSF IGERT for open research and ONS

This presentation can be accessed via my open notebook