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Security by Mind Map: Security

1. Army

1.1. Sea

1.2. Air

1.3. Space

1.4. Land

2. Technology

2.1. Information/Cyber Security

2.1.1. With the development of IT, cybersecurity has become an significant actor in the security area.

2.2. Defense Systems

2.2.1. S 400, MIM-104 Patriot

2.3. Design of War Machines

2.3.1. F 35, TF-X, ANKA(uav)

3. Economy

3.1. without a strong and stable national economy, national security cannot be managed.

4. Resources

4.1. Energy

4.2. Human

4.3. Natural Resources

5. Espionage

5.1. Since old times, it has been utilizing to obtain confidential information. They might be about national security strategies.

6. Terrorist Organizations

6.1. ISIS, Al-qaeda, PKK, Atomwaffen Division

7. National Security

7.1. National security is the security of a nation-state.

7.2. Ministry of Defence

8. International Security

8.1. With globalization all over the world, common security concerns emerged in our century.

8.2. International Organizations

8.2.1. UN, NATO