Life & Learning Map

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Life & Learning Map by Mind Map: Life & Learning Map

1. ETS Internship!

1.1. Mentorship with Dr Berry (Penn State Board Member).

1.2. Lasting connections with ETS leaders (possible future job oppurtunity)

1.3. Presented at the ETS Summer Research Symposium (in front of members of the US Dept of Education)

2. Stats II

2.1. Worked with Dr. Hadd (Became my Seconday Thesis Advisor)

3. Pathways in Psychology

3.1. Interview Project with Dr. Shana E. Rochester (UMich)

3.1.1. Mentor (She also worked in the CAT Lab). Helped me with graduate school applications.

4. Tufts University (VERSE Program)

4.1. Led to my RA Job in the Cognition and Temperament (CAT) Lab

4.1.1. Mentorship with Dr. Blankson (Primary Thesis Advisor) Encouraged me to attend the ETS informationsl

4.1.2. Presented at AUC Research Day

4.2. Mentorship with Dr. McWayne (Graduate School Recommender)

4.3. Presented at the VERSE Summer Smyposium

5. Honors Thesis Seminar

5.1. Mentorship with Dr. Brakke! Helped with Graduate School Application (Recommender)

5.2. Helped me to develop my research questions/ interests for graduate school.

6. UMD SROP Experience

6.1. Mentorship with Dr. Nickerson (Dean at UMD)

6.2. Helped me prepare for Graduate School Applications...

6.3. Presented at the UMD SROP Summer Symposium

7. Valued Voices, INC. (Community Service org)

7.1. Helped me to learn, firsthand, about the education system. Helped me to develop leadership qualities.

8. Volunteering at the Fulton County Juvenile Court

8.1. Fueled my passion for social justice/ equity. Taught me about the importance of relationships with surrounding communtiies,