How to Be a Great Leader

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How to Be a Great Leader by Mind Map: How to Be a Great Leader

1. Manage people as individuals

2. Have integrity

3. Always give timely feedback to help others improve

4. Reward and praise people in public, discipline in private

5. Communicate your thoughts very clearly

6. Describe people's role in detail

7. Mentor your replacement

8. Delegate work, and don't mico manage

9. Learn new things and grow in your career field

10. Get rid of status and egos in teams

11. Be open and transparent with information - good or bad

12. Always be planning for the short term and long term

13. Show positivity

14. Show enthusiasm

15. Be authentic

16. Always act the part - everyone is watching you at all times

17. Be professional

18. Excel in everything you do

19. Set high expectations

20. Have a big vision

21. Have big goals

22. Admit mistakes

23. Coach your people

24. Ask more open ended questions

25. Don't lie and have a high value on trust

26. Don't vent to your subordinates...vent to your peers or coaches

27. Always have two ears and one mouth

28. Talk less, listen more