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1. Donate things you no longer use to charity whether it be clothes, shoes.

2. Donate food that will not spoil/rot to food banks.

3. Provide a safety social net.

4. More training and better education systems and schools.

5. Easy access to basic services like clean water and sanitation.

6. Quality infrastructure to access services.

7. Improved transportation.

8. Use of technology, like mobile phones, to alert people of impending natural disasters, for example, means they can take necessary action immediately.

9. Reduce war and conflict to reduce the risks faced by the most vulnerable and ensures equality and inclusion can be maintained.

10. Make international aid a bigger part of legislation to ensure that funds go towards the struggle against poverty.

11. Increasing benefits to the poor.

12. Increase the national minimum wage.

13. Reduce inequalities by educating girls and women.

14. Generate more employment opportunities; ones which do not require specific qualitifications/education.

15. Educate the public that poverty is not inevitable.

16. The guarantee of shelter, food, healthcare as a basic human right to all.

17. Increase economic opportunity in poor communities.

18. Portray and represent the issue in the media.

19. Donate to charities.

20. Take time to volunteer at a homeless shelter, soup kitchen.

21. Buy Fairtrade products.

22. Reduce food waster.

23. Close the gender gap by supporting pay equity.

24. Sponsor a child.

25. Support organisations fighting poverty. CAFOD, Oxfam, Christian Aid.

26. Increase investment in agriculture.

27. Provide access to technology and innovation like internet access and affordable energy.