Canada: Post World War II

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Canada: Post World War II by Mind Map: Canada: Post World War II

1. International Affairs

1.1. Cold War

1.1.1. Vietnam War Canada does not support it Protests in Canada against it

2. Canadian Politics

2.1. Liberal Party

2.1.1. Lester B. Pearson Canadian Pension Plan Publicly funded Medicare New Canadian Flag Royal Billingualism Comission

2.1.2. Pierre Trudeau Official Languages Act of 1969 Income Tax Cuts Poor & Elderly Benefits

2.2. Progressive Conservative Party

2.2.1. John Diefenbaker Canadian Bill of Rights Raises pensions Financial aid to farmers

2.2.2. Brian Mulroney Canada Health Act Neo Conservatism

3. Social Changes in Canada

3.1. Medicare

3.1.1. 90% of doctor's go on strike launch campaign against government and medicare fear of being turned into public servants

3.1.2. 10 years later Medicare is federal

3.2. Immigration

3.2.1. 1952 Immigration Act Country needs labour, accepts immigrants again a few years later

3.2.2. Canadian Multiculturalism Act

3.2.3. In sync with business cycle

4. Canadian Economics

4.1. 1970s

4.1.1. Double digit inflation

4.1.2. Opec Crisis Raise in oil prices (demand > supply) Unions form for better wages CAD gov dept increases

4.2. Post War -1960s

4.2.1. Alberta has strongest economy Discovery of mining and oil

4.2.2. Veterans Low interest rate

4.2.3. increased industrial capacity