Will new travel technology invade your privacy ?

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Will new travel technology invade your privacy ? by Mind Map: Will new travel technology invade your privacy ?

1. Facial Recognition Tech : The covid-19 pandemic has created new technology for travelers. For the first time being, tracking and tracing may be the price of travelling during a viral outbreak. The most secure contact-tracing apps use Bluetooth and don't auto-upload info to a central database

2. Mostly harmless invasions of privacy? : Using apps (Facebook, Tiktok, Wechat) does expose your data. Just delete your cookies and search history periodically, or browse for flights or rental cars in private mode.

3. Most serious security breachers : Bigger threats than unwanted ads or facial scans include someone using travel technology to hack into your bank accounts, credit cards or to steal your identity. Cybercriminals routinely create networks and legit-sounding websites to steal your usernames, passwords, and contacts. A good precaution is to limit your use of public wifi

4. The Solution? : The best solution may be to pack light both digitally and physically, recommends ensuring all your devices' lock screens and accounts have secure and unique passwords and uninstalling or logging out of financial apps before you hit the road. Make sure to update your software with the latest security patches.