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Thesis by Mind Map: Thesis

1. Introduction

1.1. Living the brand as a phenomenon

1.1.1. Corporate branding Introducing the case company: From hardware to services, a networked society, no marketing budget

1.1.2. Lack of empirical evidence

1.1.3. Balmer 2001 point

1.1.4. Living the brand has many names: internal marketing, enacting the brand, obtaining commitment ... we understand the phenomenon in this way: .....

1.1.5. Find reasons for the interest in the phenomenon in the courses we have had ALSO look at Dan Kärremans argumentation for the importance of the concept

1.2. Nearly every author point out that there is need for more research on the topic but still the research has nearly come to a full stop - argument about this

2. Analysis

2.1. Vision

2.1.1. Culture

2.2. Identification

3. Literature review

3.1. Corporate branding

3.1.1. Living the brand Interacting sources of values Culture Vision Indentification

4. Method

4.1. Qualitative interviews: the convergence method

4.1.1. Respondents from different parts of the organization

4.2. A self-ethnographic study (Alvesson)

4.2.1. + Get deeper into the underlying assumptions in the organization Get access to information and respondents

4.2.2. - Pressumptions may guide our study/findings

4.2.3. Describe our role in the organization

4.3. Social constructivist