Getting Start With Word Press

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Getting Start With Word Press by Mind Map: Getting Start With Word Press

1. WEEK 1

1.1. Overview of WordPress

1.2. Why we use WordPress?

1.3. The Two Versions Of WordPress

1.4. 10 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress To Build Your First Website

1.5. Understanding Local Host

1.6. Final Words

2. WEEK 2

2.1. Groundwork Before Install Word Press

2.2. What Is A Domain Name?

2.3. Top 5 Tips To Choose The Perfect Domain Name For Your Website

2.4. Important Tip About Your Domain Name And Web Hosting

2.5. Setting Up Your Domain Email Address

2.6. Setting Up Your Domain Email Address

2.7. Final Words

3. WEEK 3

3.1. WordPress Installation

3.1.1. How To Do A 1-Click WordPress Installation Installing via cPanel’s WordPress Tools section

3.1.2. What’s Next After Installing WordPress? Delete the dummy content Set up your WordPress site’s title and tagline

3.1.3. Final Words

4. WEEK 4

4.1. How To Match Your WordPress Theme

4.1.1. What Are WordPress Themes?

4.1.2. The Pre-Installed WordPress Themes

4.1.3. How To Add New WordPress Themes To Your Site

4.1.4. The Theme Selection Process - How To Choose The Best Theme For Your WordPress Website

4.1.5. Setting Up Your Domain Email Address

4.1.6. Final Words

5. WEEK 5

5.1. Website Enhancing Plugins To Install

5.1.1. Where Can You Find Plugins?

5.1.2. How Do You Install Plugins?

5.1.3. The Most Essential Plugins For Your New WordPress Website What Are WordPress Plugins? Yoast SEO Plugin Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin

5.1.4. Final Words Earnings Disclaimer Policy Return/Refund Policy

6. WEEK 6

6.1. WordPress On-Site Optimization

6.1.1. Top 7 Ways To Optimize Your WordPress Website Use a fast loading WordPress theme Install a caching plugin

6.1.2. Securing Your WordPress Site Why Hackers And Bots Attack WordPress Websites Top Security Measures To Keep Your WordPress Site Safe

6.1.3. Final Words

7. WEEK 7

7.1. Keeping Up To Date With Legal Pages And Disclaimers

7.1.1. What Kind Of Legal Pages And Disclaimers Should You Put Up? Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions of Use

7.1.2. Add Legal Pages and Disclaimers Add a custom menu widget in the footer section

7.1.3. Final Words

8. WEEK 8

8.1. E-Commerce Website

8.1.1. Set Up Product Specific Pages And Navigation Organize your product page Make your product descriptions short and informative

8.1.2. How To Create Menus In WordPress

8.1.3. How To Add Your High-Converting Product Pages To WordPress How To Collect Payments On An eCommerce Website Collecting payment with WooCommerce Your Website’s Navigation Structure The Menu Structure

8.1.4. Start Collecting Payments

9. Bonus Week

9.1. How To Collect Payments On Your Blog or Non-eStore Website

9.1.1. Receiving PayPal Payments Receiving Stripe Payments

9.2. Why You Need To Build A Buyers List On Your WordPress Website