Cultural Anthropology


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Cultural Anthropology by Mind Map: Cultural Anthropology

1. Ethnicity and Nationalism

1.1. "Ethnicity is a sense of historical, cultural, and sometimes ancestral connection to a group of people who are imagined to be distinct from those outside the group". (Guest, 240)

1.2. Ethnicity is important because it is a person's identity. It helps us connect with other people in our community and it's a way we can easily connect with other human beings. How does it relate to Nationalism? Well nationalism is when an ethnic community wishes to make/ be a part of a nation-state. Within these nations, communities can create historical creations and shared traditions.


2. Race and Racism

2.1. "Race is a flawed system of classification, with no biological basis, that uses certain physical characteristics to divide the human population into supposedly discrete groups". ( Guest, 196)

2.2. Race functions as a way to support and justify patterns of power and inequality within cultures throughout the world, and lots of people grow up in it and feel that these ways are totally reasonable, This unjust system is known as racism, and racism includes individual's thought, and actions, and institutional patterns and policies that create or reproduce unequal access to power, privilege, resources, and opportunities based on imagined differences among groups.