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KS4 Physics by Mind Map: KS4 Physics
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KS4 Physics

Forces and Motion

FOMO_e1 - Formulas and measurement for physics

FOMO_e2 - Forces

FOMO_e3 - Motion and momentum

FOMO_e4 - Springs and moments

FOMO_e5 - Pressure

FOMO_e6 - Mass, Volume and Density


ELEC_e1 - Intro to Electricity

ELEC_e2 - Circuits

ELEC_e3 - Using Electricity

ELEC_e4 - Computing


MAGN_001e - All about magnets

MAGN_002e - Uses of magnets


ENRG_e1 - What is energy?

ENRG_e2 - Efficiency

ENRG_e3 - Heat Energy

ENRG_e4 - Where do we get our energy?

Earth and Space

ERSP_e1 - Celestial Bodies

ERSP_e2 - The Universe

ERSP_e3 - Humans in Space

ERSP_e4 - The Earth

ERSP_e5 - Other Planets in our Solar System


WAVE_e1 - Intro to waves

WAVE_e2 - Light

WAVE_e3 - Sound

WAVE_e4 - Waves all around us


RDAC_e1 - Intro to radiation

RDAC_e2 - Using Radioactivity

RDAC_e4 - Nuclear and Particle Physics