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TEDGlobal 2012 Malte Spitz by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Malte Spitz
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TEDGlobal 2012 Malte Spitz

please send me all the info Deutches Telekom stores on my

this is my life you're protocolling

started a law suit

wanted to have this info

they wouldn't give it

had a settlement

German Constitutional court ruled

what can you do with all this info

what is data rention

you can see where ypu have been

it's very scary to see all that

i wanted the world to see how much is stores

all the data visualized

if you have access to this info

what if in 1989 people had mobile phones

and the stasi would have know all this

then the protest wouldnt have happend

privacy is a value of teh 21st century

lives are being tracked

its not outdated

it is possible but they dont have to do it

ask your phone company what info they store on you

every time you use your mobile phone: ask yourself what do they store


Malte Spitz asked his cell phone carrier what it knew about him‐‐and mapped what he found out.

mobile phone

can change your life

tweet a message and start a protest in Egypt

record a song, load it to soundcloud and become famous



1989 Berlin

almost everyone today has a mobile phone

how did mobile phone changed my life

summer 2006

freedom, not fear

some said: its like stasi 2.0


Malte Spitz

Data activist