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Genesis, events by Mind Map: Genesis, events
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Genesis, events

The creation

The beginning of creation 1:1-2

heavens and earth

earth: formless, dark

spirit of God moving over the surface of the waters

The days of creation 1:3 - 2:3


light and darknness separated

day with morning and evening

separate waters from waters

dry land and water on earth


lights (sun,moon,stars), seasons

swarms, birds, sea monsters,

cattle, creeping things, beasts

man, govern the plantsand animals, plants = food

rest on the seventh day

The beginnings of man and woman 2:4-25


man of dust from the ground, received the breath of life, a lliving being

garden, toward the east, in Eden

woman, from the rib of the man

The sin of man

The temptation 3:1-7

serpant betrayed the woman

the woman ate the fruit of the knowledge tree

the woman gave the man the fruit

the eyes of the man and the woman were opened and they were naked

The judegements 3:8-24

God asked the man and the woman about what happened

the serpent was cursed by God

enmity between the serpent and the woman

birthpain of the woman multiplied

the man would rule over the woman

exhausting labor for the man

the woman was called Eve

the man started knowing good and evil

Adam and Eve droven out of the garden

The beginnings of civilization

Cain and his descendants 4:1-24

Adam x Eve, Cain, brought offering to God, but received no regard, Abel, brought offering to God, God had regard for Abel, Cain killed Abel and lied about the murder to God, God cursed Cain, Cain settled in the land of Nod, east of Eden

Cain x his wife, Enoch, ..., Lamech

Seth 4:25-26

the third son of Adam and Eve, Enosh: son of Seth, men began to cakk upon the name of the Lord

Adam to Noah 5:1-32

Noah was the descendant of Seth

The history of Noah

The causes of the flood 6:1-13

great wickedness of man on the earth

"every intent of the thoughts and of the his heart was only evil continually"

the world was corrupt in the eyes of God, the earth was filled with violence

God was about to destroy "them" with the earth

Noah and God 6:1-13

Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord

Noah was the righteous man, blameless, walked with God

The course of the flood 6:14-8:19

Noah made an ark and took animals, plants and birds with him into the ark

Noah and his family entered the ark

rain on earth 40 days and 40 nights

all mankind, birds, animals on dry land perished

after it stopped raining and the earth was dry, Noah, his family and animals, plants, birds went out of the ark

The events after the flood 8:20-9:29

Noah built an altar to the Lord and offered offerings

The Lord said again to himself that he would never curse the ground on account of man and he would never again destroy every living thing

God blessed Noah and his sons

Man shall not eat flesh with its life (blood)

Noah was drunk and uncovered himself, Ham (the father of Canaan) was cursed, Shem and Japheth were blessed

The descendants of Noah, and the tower of Babel

The sons of Japheth 10:1-5

settled in an area that stretched across Eurasia from the Black and Caspian Seas to Spain

The sons of Ham 10:6-20

went to Africa and later spread west along the Mediterranean coast of N. Africa

The sons of Shem 10:21-32

occupied the area N. of Persian Gulf

ancestor of Abraham

The tower of Babel 11:1-9

men wanted to build a tower that reached the heaven

God spread them throughout the world and confused them with different languages

The history of Abraham

The family of Abram 11:27-32

The call of Abram 12:1-20

Abram departed Haraan as the Lord has spoken to him. He was 75 years old and Lot went with him

Abram, Lot (Abram's nephew), Sarai (Abram's wife) and alll their possessions came to the land of Canaan

Abram passed by Egypt, Sarai went to Egypt's house, Lord struck Pharaoh and his house with great plagues because of Sarai, Abram's wife, Pharaoh released Sarai to Abram

The separation of Abram and Lot 13:1-18

Abram settled in the land of Canaan

Lot settled in the cities of the valley, and moved his tents as far as Sodom

The deliverance of Lot by Abram 14:1-24

The covenant with Abram, 15:1-21

The birth of Ishmael 16:1-16

Sarai gave her maid (Hagar) to Abram to have a child

Sarai treated Hagar harshly, Hagar fed from her and was protected by the angel of the Lord

Abram was 86 years old and Hagar bore Ishmael to him

The circumcision of Abraham 17:1-27

The destruction of Sodom and GOmorrah 18:1-19:38

Abraham and Abimelech 20:1-18

The birth of Isaac 21:1-34

The offering of Isaac 22:1-24

The death and burial of Sarai 23:1-20

The marriage of Isaac 24:1-67

xRebekah (sister of Laban)

The death of Abraham 25:1-11

The descendants of Ishmael 25:12-18

they settled from Havillah to Shur which is east of Egypt as one goes toward Assyria

The history of Issaac and his sons

The birth of Jacob and Essau, and Selling of Essau's birthright 25:19-34

Issac and Abimelech 26:1-35

The blessings of Jacob by deception 27:1-46

Jacob's flight to Mesopotamia 28:1-9

Jacob's dream at Bethel 28:10-22

Jacob and the daughters of Laban 29:1-30:43

Jacob meets Rachel

Jacob marries Leah and Rachel

Jacob begats children, xRachel, Benjamin, Joseph, xLeah, 10 sons, 1 daughter Dinah

Jacob bargains with Laban

Jacob's return to Canaan 31:1-33:20

His separation from Laban

His reconcilation with Esau

Jacob's later life 34:1-36:43

The massacre at Shechem, where Simeon and Levi took his sword and killed every male because of Dinah

The renewal of the Covenant at Bethel

The deaths of Rachel and Isaac

The descendants of Esau

The history of Joseph

Joseph sold into slavery by his brothers 37:1-36

Judah and Tamar 38:1-30

Joseph in Potiphar's House 39:1-23

Joseph inteprets the dreams of the Butler and the Baker 40:1-23

Joseph inteprets Pharaoh's dreams 41:1-57

Joseph brothers in Egypt 42:1-45:28

The first visit of his ten brothers

The second visit of his eleven brothers

Joseph's revelation of his identity

Joseph's family in Egypt 46:1-47:31

The blessing of Joseph's sons 48:1-22

Jacob's death and burial 49:28-50:14

The last days of Joseph 50:15-26