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TEDGlobal 2012 Robert Legato by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012
Robert Legato
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TEDGlobal 2012 Robert Legato

when your brain feels something it's real

You actually think it's real

Robert Legato showed you what you wanted to see


Tracking where people were looking

Could influence what people were looking at

Trickery in movies

A train needed to move in a scene

but there was nog space in the set

so they had the floor move to simulate the effect

Invented prob. in 1910 by Sergey Eisenstein


Robert Legato creates surprising and creative visual illusions for movies.

How our brains work

alters our perception of things

Saturn 5 footage test

showed stock footage of actual launch

Their description about it changed before and after viewing

Apollo 13 (movie), showed a sequince as test audience described it

How'd it change?

People react to a falsehood

launch footage of apollo 13 was all, fire extinguishers, wax, etc.

Hired astronaut for consultation

for validation

Saw movie footage, reaction: "That's wrong", You'd never design a rocket like that, But, but.. I'm recreating a magic moment..

Saw actual launch footage, Reaction: "That's wrong too"

Buzz alldrin reaction on movie footage, In what vault did you find this footage?

James Cameron and Titanic

Photographed actual shipwreck, But could not capture it whole

Robert wanted to see it in all it's glory

Titanic Behind te scenes


Robert Legato

Visual Effects Guru

Analyze a scene in what does it feel to be like a gangster

had the camera move with him

to let it feel like it was his vision

Told a friend this was my best scene!

Friends answer: well nobodies gonna know you did it..