TEDGlobal 2012 Susan Solomon

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TEDGlobal 2012 Susan Solomon by Mind Map: TEDGlobal 2012 Susan Solomon

1. large cap between academic vs biotech & corporations

1.1. close gap

1.1.1. new tech

1.1.2. new research model

1.2. much safer

1.2.1. much lower costs

1.3. exremely new field

1.3.1. skin cells

1.3.2. repogrammed with viruses

1.3.3. inducent pluripotent stem cell IPS

1.3.4. use modeling drug discovery

1.4. take healthy cell in a skin cell

1.4.1. did it over and over again

1.4.2. a model of a disease in a living person

1.4.3. they found: that cells died differently than was tested in field

1.4.4. understand cause of disease

1.4.5. hypothesis: like research with a black box

1.4.6. see what goes wrong before it happens to patient

2. test for drugs

2.1. business model

2.1.1. av: 14 years

2.1.2. $ 4 billion

2.1.3. 99 % faillure

2.2. new way

2.2.1. testing promosing parts of other creatures

2.2.2. downside mice dont have same structure cant pull out braincell out of living human

2.2.3. what we can do test drugs on diseased cells no long waiting time

3. big picture

3.1. diseases affect people differenty

3.2. a drug can be safe for one and harmful for other

3.3. no one size fits all

4. stemcells

4.1. now

4.1.1. made 1 by 1

4.1.2. by hand

4.1.3. not scalable

4.1.4. variations in techniques

4.1.5. New node

4.2. solutions

4.2.1. look at human genome

4.2.2. bring biology to data

4.2.3. biological stand in

4.2.4. need to have stemcells of all gentetic subtypes

4.3. robot: produces automatical stemcells

4.4. stemcells as avatars

4.5. future

4.5.1. drugs for side effectrs

4.5.2. rescreen existing drugs

5. wrap

5.1. people we care about will become patients

5.2. there fore important for us all

5.2.1. stemcell research

6. What

6.1. Susan Solomon enables private support for human embryonic stem cell research that aims to cure major diseases

7. emryonic cells

7.1. morph into any kind of cell in body

7.2. replace cells in our body

7.3. use

7.3.1. develop drugs for diseases that are now not fully curable Like we have diseases that are largely preventable now i.e polio

7.4. critical researches has been challenged

8. 2005 NY stemcell foundation

8.1. medical research

8.1.1. dominated by large organizations

9. Who

9.1. Susan Solomon

9.2. Stem cell advocate

9.3. http://nyscf.org/

9.4. @nyscf