TAOTS - 2021 Graduation Video (Nothing can stop us)

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TAOTS - 2021 Graduation Video (Nothing can stop us) by Mind Map: TAOTS - 2021 Graduation Video (Nothing can stop us)

1. Our Video Outline

1.1. All of the grades are represented on the mountain/quest game board

1.1.1. Each grade is a LEVEL in the game, and when you enter each level, you see slides with memories from those years.

1.1.2. Covid is a 'Glitch' in the game A sign would pop up static on the screen loading wheel student reactions to the game sky changes to green (tik tok logo glitch) Game Over

1.1.3. path in the game that is destroyed by covid

1.1.4. 4th Grade BUMP: At level 4 it glitches out... (represents 5th level unlocked -- super soakers unlocked. Path in the game that is destroyed by covid Could start out small, seems like just a break from school, then it gets more difficult. Running out of lives = boredom and frustration

1.1.5. Patch for the glitch/expansion patch given by a given a gift so they can contact the teachers. graduating blows open the game Show taking off the masks as a symbol of overcoming the coronavirus glitch by sharing something you learned from this year, you get the patch

1.2. 5th graders/Teachers are Superheroes w/SuperPowers

1.2.1. Teachers and therapists are heroes

1.2.2. Superheroes climbing mt. 5th grade

1.2.3. You have to adapt (to screens distancing, etc) you start out in 4th grade without masks in zoom, then you gain more options and adaptations.

1.2.4. They find powers in the game (loot box) Vaccine Sanitizers Zoom/Meet Hand washing stations Skins - masks as armor cloth masks upgrade to super masks start out with no masks you find better masks along the way caps and gowns at the end

1.2.5. Finding Hope we believe that we can still be equal heart

1.3. Challenges in the game (Tribes powers are used to overcome them)

1.3.1. Tech problems Speaker problems Schedule mishaps

1.3.2. Running out of sanitizer

1.3.3. Not seeing friends and families

1.3.4. Not being prepared for changes

1.3.5. Safety challenges Keeping distance 6 feet away from each other Keeping masks on

1.4. Sanitizer battle with Coronavirus (montsters)... Smashed with Vaccine.: Smash a coronavirus piñata

1.4.1. Sanitizer battle water balloons arrows with water balloons attached? squirt bottle/super soakers

1.4.2. what comes out?

2. Music Ideas

2.1. Imagine Dragons - On Top Of The World (Official Music Video)

2.2. We didn't start the virus (lyric video)

2.3. All The Way Up INSTRUMENTAL - Fat Joe, Remy Ma - @imLesterLondon remake - WAY BETTER THAN ORIGINAL

2.4. Elton John - I'm Still Standing

2.5. R.E.M. - Superman

2.6. Whitney Houston - Greatest Love Of All (Official Video)

2.7. Diana Ross - I'm Coming Out

2.8. The "We Got This" Song From 'Schooled!' | The Loud House

3. Student Design Roles

3.1. Design Avatars for each Class (Sofia, Ryan, Kaley, Matthew, Eli, Sara, Cara, Constantine, Ian)

3.1.1. Avatars Start by creating yourselves Idea: Circle with initials to make a kirby character Design Coronavirus is a Boss in the game Idea: Pixlr Process - Take headshot of student and put it on a minecraft skin student designers by class Rathan Remote Huang Bland Welcome

3.2. Design the Game Levels

3.2.1. Use Minecraft to... Each grade is a "land" in the game, you decide what it looks like K-1 is a simple hill, terrain gets harder each level until grades 4-5 GAME ERROR - CORONAVIRUS Create the glitch that makes the terrain seem impossible Create the top of the mountain = GRADUATION! Student Designers for each level Lower Grades (Charlie, Elijah, Tristan) Middle Grades (2-3) (Eli, Desmond) Upper Grades (4-5) (Megan, Sara)

3.3. Design the Challenges, Achievements & Superpowers (Sofia, Oliver, Henry, Chloe Chu)

3.3.1. Each level has to have one of each of these Icons

3.3.2. Superpowers SuperPowers are the tribes agreements, kindness, listening, patience and other themes you've learned at TAOTS Examples: Patience Potion, Listening icon, Kindness icon, Technology powers make These powers, and the achievement points are the key to unlocking the top level and defeating the Coronavirus Boss

3.3.3. Checkpoints in the game that show at least 1 achievement per grade that gives you "Experience Points" example: K Stepping up, reading, etc. Chests or treasures with powers example: 3rd state test, multiplication, etc. Stopping point in 4th grade COVID - SKIP 4th grade test Static/White A different path emerges "Entering upper grades"

4. Next Steps

4.1. Friday 12:30 Check-in Avatars and Levels

4.2. Make an example of what you would like your 1) avatar, 2) game level, 3) challenge/achievment to look like in the game environment

5. Production Design

5.1. Students create a few Minecraft Avatar Skins and we replace the block head with square selfie of students (represents Zoom/Meet square)

5.1.1. Students are assigned Tribes superpowers to act out with their face in their Selfie.

5.1.2. Need a list of superpowers

5.2. Students create world in Minecraft for each level of the game

5.2.1. The custom skins appear in each level

5.2.2. The custom obstacles appear in each levle

5.2.3. Doors or something to break through appear in each level

5.3. Screen recordings of the avatar in that world

5.3.1. first person

5.3.2. third person doing superpowers

5.3.3. action shots in front of all green background??? (flying, running, jumping)

5.4. Students design

5.4.1. Portal to smash thorugh at each grade level

5.4.2. icon(s) to represent obstacles

5.4.3. icon to represent coronavirus

5.4.4. terrains for k-1, 2-3, 4-5

5.4.5. up to 10 skins with diverse faces

5.5. Create:

5.5.1. List of tribes/taots inspired super powers

5.5.2. Achievements at each grade level finished 5th Grade celebration for 5th grade graduation

5.5.3. Photo slideshow from each grade band/level (k-1, 2-3, 4-5)

5.5.4. Screenshots: Blank settings in each level/land K-1 grades: Charlie & Elijah

5.5.5. Screencast: A first person view of moving through a level K-1 grades: Charlie & Elijah 2-3: Desmond & Matt 4-5: Megan & Sofia What happens when they reach Graduation: Victoria

5.5.6. Screencast: see the character moving through the level show the characters perspective in the level show the character in the level

5.5.7. Screencast: Avatars running/jumping in front of green screen show them doing as much as possible that Making the avatars/skins: Cara Making any avatar do things in front of Green Screen: Kaley