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Business Management by Mind Map: Business Management

1. what is a business meeting?

2. -A business meeting is a gathering of two or more people to discuss ideas, goals and objectives.

3. The purpose of the business meeting is often to make important decisions regarding the organization.

4. Business meetings also help to resolve conflict and solve complex problems.

5. How to run effective business meetings

6. for this kinds of meetings, create a template for the agenda and fill in unique items each week.

7. after the business meeting is over, be sure to follow up on any action items that were decided upon.

8. Business meeting icebreakers

9. Fun questions or short team-building activities can help to ease tnesions and put everyone on a level playing field

10. some icebreaker activities involve a bit of preparation on the meeting organizar´s part.

11. Business meeting etiquette

12. While the culture of your organization will inform how you should behave at business meatings, there are some aspects of meeting etiquette that are universal

13. Business meeting minutes template:

14. Before attending a meeting, write out a simple template that you can fill in while taking notes.

15. There are a number of items you can add to the minutes template: date and time of the meeting, next steps for each agenda item, any new business that was not indicated on the original agenda and more...