Sri Lankan Conflict

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Sri Lankan Conflict by Mind Map: Sri Lankan Conflict

1. Economic

1.1. 1) How has the conflict impacted diplomatic relationships between Sri Lanka and other countries?

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1.2. 2) What are the economic impacts of the conflict between the Sinhalese and the Tamils?

1.2.1. The number of visitors from the UK, which accounted for 19 per cent of Sri Lanka's tourists in 2004, fell 7 per cent in July year-on-year while the number of North Americans was down 39 per cent. Tea Plantation has also been affected due to Tamils joining and supporting the Tamil Tigers.

2. Political

2.1. 1) For what benefit do they constantly wage war, and destroy their country from the inside?

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2.2. 2) What exactly are the reasons for the Tamils wanting an independent state?

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2.3. 3) What are the efforts from the other countries in helping to alleviate the conflict and maintaining peace?

2.3.1. India has intervened in trying to resolve a peaceful solution between Tamils and Sinhalese, attempting to act as peacekeepers to maintain the peace and preventing things from spiraling out of control. Later, it ended up engaging in several battles against the LTTE, despite not intending to get involved in major military affairs.

3. Social

3.1. 1) Why do people put in more effort understanding each other then fighting?

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3.2. 2) For what reason do they spend their effort fighting tirelessly, when they can work together and prosper?

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3.3. 3) During a ceasefire, why is it that people want to reignite sparks of hatred?

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3.4. 4) Why can't Sinhalese and Tamils co-exist?

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3.5. 5) What are the differences in religion between the Sinhalese and the Tamils?

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3.6. 6) Is ethnic tension the only reason for the conflict?

3.6.1. No, it is due to a series of actions on the government's part, showing favoritism to the majority, combined with their poor livelihood, which resulted in the Sri Lankan Conflict. The Government was also the reason why ethnic tensions escalated, as these other factors lead to Tamils viewing Sinhalese in a bad light, and this had led to quarrels between the two races

4. 4) Which party in the Sri Lankan conflict is more militarily advanced? Why?

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5. Military

5.1. 1) Which side do government forces take in the conflict?

5.1.1. Government forces take the side of the Sinhalese in an effort to take out the LTTE, as they were seen as a threat to the country due to their terrorist acts used for war.

5.2. 2) Do all the Tamils support the LTTE?

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5.3. 3) Who funds/supports the Tamil Tigers?

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