eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8: Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling

The structure of the contents of my book eCommerce MasterPlan.

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eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8: Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling by Mind Map: eCommerceMasterPlan 1.8: Your 3 Steps to Successful Online Selling

1. Step 3: I Have Build it: Why Haven't They Come? (aka Marketing!)

1.1. Chapter 7: Researching your Marketing Plan

1.1.1. Objectives

1.2. Chapter 8: Creating your Marketing Plan

1.3. Chapter 9: Test, Measure and Optimise your Marketing

1.4. See eCommerce Marketing for full details of what marketing you should be using

2. Support Materials

2.1. Free

2.1.1. Workbooks & Buides

2.2. 9 Part Video Ciourse: Create Your eCommerce MasterPlan Online Training Course

3. Step 1: What sort of eCommerce Business Are You?

3.1. Chapter 1: Identifying your eCommerce Business Structure

3.1.1. Online Only

3.1.2. Mail Order

3.1.3. Big Bricks and Clicks

3.1.4. Boutique Bricks and Clicks

3.1.5. PiggyBack

3.1.6. Niche PiggyBack

3.1.7. Full Multichannel

3.2. Chapter 2: Identifying the Scale of Your Product Range

3.2.1. Niche

3.2.2. In the Middle

3.2.3. Department Store

3.3. Chapter 3: Differentiating Your Business

3.3.1. Customer Service

3.3.2. Knowledge and Information

3.3.3. Customer Base Size

3.3.4. Brand

3.3.5. Products

3.3.6. Price

3.3.7. Delivery and Returns

4. Step 2: Establishing the Core Foundations

4.1. Chapter 4: Building the Right Website

4.1.1. Do you need a website?

4.1.2. Right first time

4.1.3. Your Own Website How to run a Build Project key functionality Tracking CMS Integration Promotions SEO

4.1.4. PiggyBackers Websites What to consider How to choose How to run them

4.1.5. All Websites 3 Roles Attract Convert USP / Brand Barriers to Conversion Merchandising Fulfilment Design

4.2. Chapter 5: Building your Business for Profit and Growth

4.2.1. The numbers Margin Scale Forecasting Cashflow P&P ROI Customer Lifetime Values

4.2.2. Measure Monitoring - Dashboar Analytics Website analytics Each tool's analytics Attribution Debate

4.2.3. Optimisation

4.3. Chapter 6: Selecting your Products and Promotions

4.3.1. Products Range Optimise Complex Mix Buying vs Merchandising Timelines Influences on Products marketing money website Forecast and cashflow Information

4.3.2. Promotions Make it easy Margin = easy for you Simple = easy for customer Blanket Offers Postage and Returns Codes Multibuys Free Gifts Segmentation By channel By customer group Not necessarily financial Prizes Charity Time bound Last available Preview New