Envisioning the Future

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Envisioning the Future by Mind Map: Envisioning the Future

1. Legend

1.1. Priority Importance indicators

1.1.1. High Priority

1.1.2. Medium Priority

1.1.3. Low Priority

1.2. Task Completion indicators

1.2.1. Not Started

1.2.2. 25% complete

1.2.3. 50% complete

1.2.4. 75% complete

1.2.5. Done

1.3. Flags and Icons

1.3.1. Flags

1.3.2. Icons

2. Notes

3. How

4. visions of the future

4.1. how to handle contradictions

4.1.1. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis, overcome differences through discussion dialectics.

5. Make a smart quiz to understand peole and overcome differences and to make suggestions. https://hackpad.com/Smart-suggestor-IpWlnA1iglD

6. Libertarinaism as a solution to corruption

6.1. Pros and cons

6.1.1. Pros Voluntary com Moral argument:

6.1.2. cons

7. Websites to inspire those who wish to be inspired or feel hopeless

8. For the suicidal, discontent, hopeless type

9. Main Discussion

10. How to motivate the world to do good

11. Participants

11.1. Jonathan Bean

11.2. Doug

11.3. Jeff

12. Agenda

12.1. Agenda Review

12.2. Make smart quiz

13. Goals

13.1. Come up with an action plan to make the world a better place.

13.2. We intend to understand better the nature of ethics.

13.3. Do something with this knowledge to make the world a better place

14. The podcast

15. is there a problem with the the population?