Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Global Warming & Other Environmental Issues

Solutions to the climate crisis

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Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Global Warming & Other Environmental Issues by Mind Map: Solutions to the Climate Crisis, Global Warming & Other Environmental Issues

1. Small scale/Individuals/ Schools/ Workplaces/Homes...

1.1. Ride a bike rather than drive a car.

1.1.1. Riding a bike instead of driving a car will make less pollution that would normally be made by your car and will also give your body the exercise it needs.

1.2. Power your home with renewable energy.

1.3. Drive a fuel-efficient vehicle

1.4. Buy bulbs with less energy

1.5. Reduce water waste

1.6. carpool to work, this will cause less pollution in the air

1.7. Save energy by unplugging every plug in the house that you are not using

1.8. We can use social media to advertise these ideas

1.9. We can advertise these ideas by spreading posters around workplaces, and schools.

1.10. We can advertise the ideas by going door to door and telling the people

2. Large Scale/ Provincial+ Territorial governments can...

2.1. can try and make plans and take action within communities, schools, workplaces etc. They can create projects and ask people to participate.

2.2. help Canada be more competitive in the low-carbon economy, and improve our quality of life.

2.3. can research and develop programs to drive progress in clean energy technologies and bring them to commercialization.

2.4. spend more money on recycling and the ‘garbage disposal’ workforce making sure that recycling takes place and people understand its importance.

2.5. Filing fines onto individuals who pollute. (throwing trash, potentically hurting the enviornment)

3. National / Federal Government can...

3.1. Promote green energy and the 3r’s through posters, advertisements, and commercials.

3.2. Set laws to reduce carbon emissions (ex. Restricting companies/plants to produce only a limited amount of products

3.3. Large scale fees settled on illegal garbage dumping and littering near public areas.

3.4. Set eco-friendly goals of transportation (ex. Electric vehicles, walking and biking over cars, etc.)

3.5. Support local and country wide organizations dedicated to helping out nature (ex. Planting trees, picking up garbage near lakes or parks, protecting wildlife, etc.)

3.6. Banning plastic uses across the country and instead use renewable items.

4. The International Community can...

4.1. The UN and other organizations can increase financial aid to developing countries to keep them away from using fossil fuels. They could give large sums of money, reasons to switch to renewable energy, and most importantly demonstrate to their nation and economy how to switch to renewable energy.

4.2. A large contributor to greenhouse-gas emissions is the use of gas powered cars, encouraging countries to stop the production of gas powered cars can help decrease emissions.

4.3. Increase more renewable energy jobs to encourage people to switch to renewable energy. For example, wind and solar engineering.

4.4. Increase the carbon tax to minimize the the usage of fossil fuels


5.1. Make public transit more available

5.2. Make plastic bags more expensive

5.3. Putting a price on carbon

5.4. Use more biodegradable packaging

5.5. Invest in greener facilities maybe using taxes

5.6. Providing subsidies for renewable energy

5.6.1. Encourage the production of electric cars and charging stations

5.6.2. Urge citizens to take bold actions towards climate change Educate others about climate change