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Modular by Mind Map: Modular

1. Definition

1.1. consisting of separate parts or units which can be put together to form something, often in different combinations (longman Online Dictionary)

2. Application Of Modular

2.1. Cars

2.1.1. Modular Car Design

2.2. Building

2.2.1. Stacked Building

2.3. Furniture

2.3.1. Stacked Bookshelf

3. Indoor

3.1. Bedroom

3.2. Bathroom

3.3. Kitchen

4. Outdoor

4.1. Field

4.2. playground

4.3. Theme Parks

5. Modern Modular Design

5.1. Kitchen

5.2. Bedroom

6. Context

6.1. In Biology

6.1.1. the concept that organisms or metabolic pathways are composed of modules

6.2. Construction

6.2.1. a bundle of redundant project components that are produced en-mass prior to installation.

6.3. Nature

6.3.1. the construction of a cellular organism by joining together standardized units to form larger compositions, as for example, the hexagonal cells in a honeycomb.

6.4. Ecology

6.4.1. a key factor – along with diversity and feedback – in supporting resilience

7. New node

8. New node