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Assessments by Mind Map: Assessments

1. High Stakes Standardized Assessments

2. Formative Assessments

3. Summative Assessments

4. Purpose of Assessments

5. Statistics in Education

6. Grading

7. how are we doing?

8. checkpoint

9. steers us to the right path

10. helps differentiated instructions

11. helps the instructor help the student

12. evidence of learning

13. does not accurately assess the student's true abilities

14. causes anxiety and stress

15. compares student to a larger peer group

16. provides different information about students' progress

17. mean, mode, median are most widely used statistics in education

18. can give several visuals such as bar graphs that give a bird's eye view on progress

19. extremely important that they align with learning objectives

20. should be differentiated and include a variety of test types such as multiple choices, short answers or performance based

21. rubrics are an important way to grade performance based assessments They provide the instructor a way to grade based on degrees of performance.

22. no-zero grading policy encourages students to work harder

23. no-zero grading teaches to never give up

24. no-zero grading motivates