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Business Meetings by Mind Map: Business Meetings

1. How to Introduce Yourself

1.1. Intoducing yourself

1.1.1. Say your name My name is...(more formal) Hi, I'm...(more informal)

1.1.2. Say your job title I'm the secretary(= the only secretary) I'm a project manager(=one of manyproject managers) I'm in the engineering department I work in the marketing departmant

1.1.3. Describe your responsibilities I manage... I'm responsible for... I handle...

2. Making, Accepting and Rejecting Suggestions

2.1. Disagreeing with suggestions

2.1.1. To be honest, I'm not sure about this idea.

2.1.2. Good suggestion, but I can see a few problems...

2.1.3. I see your point, however...

2.2. Making suggestions

2.2.1. We have to improve...

2.2.2. We need to find...

2.2.3. We shouldn't...

2.2.4. We don't need to...

2.2.5. I think we should...

2.2.6. We might want to consider...

2.2.7. We ought to...

2.3. Agreeing with suggestions

2.3.1. I agree with...

2.3.2. That sounds good.

2.3.3. Let's go with this idea.

3. Asking Questions

3.1. I have a question. Why is...?

3.2. How...?

3.3. Does this mean...?

3.4. I didn't understand...

3.5. Can you elaborate on...?

3.6. Can you clairify...?

4. Making Promises and Offers

4.1. Making offers

4.1.1. I'll call the client tommorow

4.1.2. I'll discuss this with...

4.1.3. I'm going to get a team together for this project.

4.1.4. I'm planning to do...

4.1.5. I can contact the supplier...

4.1.6. I could put together...

4.1.7. Shall I talk to our engineering team...?

4.2. Refusing politely

4.2.1. I'm afraid I can't

4.2.2. I'm sorry, but I don't think I can...

4.2.3. Unfortunately, I won't be able to...

5. Словарь

5.1. agenda

5.1.1. is basically the plan or the list of topics that need to be covered in this meeting Повестка дня

5.2. "designated" to take notes

5.2.1. you choose someone or you assign someone a specific task

5.3. minutes

5.3.1. are the notes or the summary of a meeting Протокол

5.4. motion

5.4.1. is basically the same idea as a proposal Ходатайство

5.5. deliberations

5.5.1. There'll be a general discussion about the motion Обсуждение

5.6. conference call

5.6.1. is basically a call with people outside the meeting room Конференц-связь

5.7. brainstorm

5.7.1. is basically thinking, but thinking hard about a specific topic, and trying to come up with different ideas for that topic, how to do something, etc. Мозговой штурм

5.8. collaborate

5.8.1. everybody has to work together Сотрудничать

5.9. cast a ballot

5.9.1. vote Голосовать

5.10. a show of hands

5.10.1. an open ballot that everybody knows what everybody else is voting Поднятие рук

5.11. the ayes have it

5.11.1. means the yes side wins Большинство "за"

5.12. Consensus

5.12.1. means all or at least almost all Консенсус, согласие

5.13. unanimous

5.13.1. means everybody agrees or everybody disagrees. Единогласно, единодушно

5.14. proxy

5.14.1. means a substitute, somebody who will go in your place to vote in your name Доверенное лицо

5.15. wrap up

5.15.1. basically you're bringing the meeting to a close Подвести итог встречи

5.16. adjourn

5.16.1. means you basically end the meeting, or sometimes you suspend the meeting.