Drug addiction

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Drug addiction by Mind Map: Drug addiction

1. Effects

1.1. anxiety

1.2. Damaged Immune system

1.3. Cardiovascular conditions and liver failure

1.4. Seizures and strokes

1.5. Brain damage

1.6. Nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain

2. Vulnerable

2.1. Teens / Adolescents

2.2. Young adults

2.3. Night workers

2.4. Adults with heavy life problems

3. Causes

3.1. influences from celebrities and public personalities

3.2. Peer pressure

3.3. Availability and accessibility of illicit drugs

3.4. exposure which leads to curiosity

3.5. Mental health disorders

3.6. Dangerously inviting content on social media

4. Type of drugs

4.1. Stimulants

4.1.1. These make you feel: Energetic Alert Talkative Active Very excited

4.1.2. Can cause: psychosis schizophrenia paranoia

4.2. Depressants

4.2.1. These make you feel: Relaxed Chilled out Mellow

4.2.2. Possible paradoxical effects anxiety nightmares aggression


4.3.1. These make you feel: A rush of pleasure In a dreamy state Drowsy


4.4.1. These make you feel: Detached from your surroundings Mood swings Altered sense of space and time Hallucinations, illusions and distortions of reality Feelings of insight


4.5.1. synthetic substances created to try to mimic the effects of existing drugs