IDP Fake News - Deep Fakes

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IDP Fake News - Deep Fakes by Mind Map: IDP  Fake News - Deep Fakes

1. We faked it.

2. Was it wrong?

2.1. We made up a story based on real events in order to get you to do what we wanted you to -- show up for this town hall.

2.1.1. Bobby's release

2.1.2. Bobby needs a diploma

2.1.3. Bobby wants to set a good example

2.1.4. YOU are the real example of students achieving... He should be like YOU and get a diploma, no?

2.2. Our goals were positive

2.2.1. to get you to show up for town hall for important information and building community.

2.3. were we wrong or 'unethical'...?

3. How we did it

3.1. Robert on photoshop & the team on Canva

3.2. Alejandro, Robert and the team on the story and (see example)

3.3. Leo and Rhys on video editing

3.3.1. Clips from Youtube

3.3.2. Clips from phone

3.3.3. Mixed with beat in Video Editor (take a look)

4. You are invited to join us!

4.1. Dream up the next media stunt in the name of IDP success, educating the public

4.2. Look for an invitation to join production groups at Wednesdays at 12:30.

4.3. Photoshop, Video Editing, Graphics productions

4.4. Current Project: Video - A Day in the Life of the IDP Community 2020-2021

5. Fake news and Deep Fakes

5.1. Show them the original photos

5.1.1. shmurda

5.1.2. school no bobby

5.2. Show them reverse image searches

5.2.1. Shark in every hurricane Fact Check & History

5.2.2. Reverse Image search of our Bobby Shot shows Brandeis pic without Bobby.

5.3. Show them the reface app and the NYTimes article

5.3.1. Reface App

5.3.2. Your Loved Ones, and Eerie Tom Cruise Videos, Reanimate Unease With Deepfakes

5.4. Consequences

5.4.1. People think the election was stolen based on doctored photos, videos out of context and straight up lies.

5.4.2. People think Bill Gates is going to inject you with microchips if you get the vaccine.

5.4.3. People think Storchan let himself go and hit the beach.

5.5. How to combat this.

5.5.1. Be skeptical

5.5.2. Use search to find multiple sources

5.5.3. Use fact check sites to figure out who's known to lie

5.5.4. MediaWise on Instagram reveals and teaches you how to check facts: