riding test model

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riding test model by Mind Map: riding test model

1. Horse riding or horse riding is a sport that is practiced on horseback in its different tests or modalities. The riders in this sport-art, they must know their horse perfectly, as well as know how to ride it and drive it with precision.

2. Horse Riding: The pentathletes are divided into two different groups according to the results they have obtained to choose the horse with which they will do the test. Each participant has twenty minutes to familiarize himself with the horse that has been assigned to him. It is a course of 350 to 450 meters with 12 obstacles including a double, a triple, and a river jump.

3. The first great horse jumping tournament, both in length and in height, took place in Ireland during the Dublin Horse Show in April 1864. But it is not necessary to imagine that this first equestrian tournament was like the current ones.

4. 3 points for every second the time limit is exceeded.

5. 30 points each time they knock down an obstacle.

6. 30 points for touching the water that is in the estuary.

7. 40 points for refusing. If you refuse an obstacle three times, you must move on to the next one.

8. 60 points per fall. If the rider or horse falls twice, disqualification occurs.