Learning to lear online

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Learning to lear online by Mind Map: Learning to lear online

1. Bloom Taxonomy

1.1. Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

2. Comunity of inquiry

2.1. Maintaining a cognitive presence in the community

2.2. Developing a social presence in the learning community

3. Tuckman

3.1. forming, storming, norming, and performing.

4. Instructor

4.1. Desingner, facilitator, director

5. Introduccion to the online learning

5.1. Defining your learning goal.

5.2. Identifying the steps you must take to move towards your goal

5.3. Choose strategies that will support your own learning.

5.4. Reach out for the support you need

6. Online assignments and strategic reading

6.1. For students, emailing

6.2. Many online courses include forums

7. Effective feedback

7.1. What is being done correctly and well.

7.2. How it can be improved.

7.3. What the next steps might be.

8. Terms that might be used to determine the task

8.1. Identification Terms

8.2. Demonstration Terms

8.3. Evaluation Terms

8.4. Relation Terms

8.5. Description Terms

9. SQ3R strategy

9.1. Survey

9.2. Question

9.3. Read

9.4. Recite

9.5. Review