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SEO Mastery Course by Mind Map: SEO Mastery Course

1. Week 1: SEO Introduction

1.1. Evolution of Search Engines

1.2. SEO Vs. SEM

1.3. Keyword Research

1.4. Checking SEO Traffic in Google Analytics

2. Week 2:Mastering the Google search console

2.1. Adding a Website Inside Search Console

2.2. Setting Up the Preferred Website Version

2.3. Fetch as Google for Quick Indexing

2.4. Security and Malware Prevention for GoodSEO

2.5. Search Analytics and Keyword Analysis

2.6. Crawl Data, Sitemaps and URL Parameters

2.7. Core Vitals and Other Resources in SearchConsole

3. Week 3: On Page SEOOptimization

3.1. Introduction to On-Page SEO

3.2. Page Load Speed

3.3. Title, Meta Description & URL

3.4. Ideal Content Length for Good SEO

3.5. Search Engine & User Friendly Content

3.6. LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Index)

4. Week 4: Off-page SEO

4.1. Understanding Off Page Optimization

4.2. DoFollow and NoFollow Links

4.3. High Quality Backlinks with Guest Posting

5. Week 5: Advanced SEO

5.1. Technical Concepts of SEO

5.2. Voice Search

5.3. Understanding of Google Algorithm's

5.4. Long Tail Keywords to scale traffic

6. Week 6: Local SEO

6.1. What is Local SEO?

6.2. How to Add a Listing on Google MyBusiness

6.3. How to Perform Local SEO

7. Week 7: Long Term SEO

7.1. How Branding Helps in SEO?

8. Week 8: Monetizing Your SEO Skill

8.1. How to Sell SEO Services as an Agency

8.2. Bonus Videos: Content Writing