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1. Musa

1.1. Walking off pitch

1.1.1. I am a man first, a footballer first

1.1.2. I am not a creature

1.1.3. The pitch is not a cage, I will leave it

1.1.4. Rosa Parks Frustrated Need that frustration in football

1.1.5. Yes, would receive booking Yellow card is a small price to pay

2. Auclair

2.1. Musa's is a moral argument, but we should ask a practical quesiton

2.1.1. How can we have an effect on behaviour of crowd

2.1.2. Will Balotelli change racism?

2.1.3. UEFA has a process - referee responsiblity Implementation Platini

2.1.4. Consequences moral hazard shaming UEFA into action? But, English model

2.2. Staying on pitch is not an admission of defeat

2.2.1. Isn' t it an admission of defeat to leave the pitch? Clavane Cantona attacked racist in the crowd Shock the world with extreme action - get the authorities to do something

3. Clavane

3.1. UEFA & FIFA haven't taken actions

3.2. lack of democracy and responsiveness

3.3. so need to take dramatic action

3.3.1. Balotelli will do a lot more than kicking UEFA into aciton

3.4. JR

3.4.1. Blata says all racist issues can be solved by a hand-shake

3.5. PA

3.5.1. Team captain could mediate and go to referee

3.6. What about John Terry? he wouldn't represent the anti-racist position...

3.7. Speech

3.7.1. Stopped being Leeds fan because disgusted @ racism

3.7.2. black friends stopped being fans ... voted with their feet

3.7.3. Jewish chants against Tottenham fans watching England/Spain with son Like watching Nuremberg rally - why allowing son to watch it Why did England allow ti to keep going

3.7.4. Needs one person to take an action Rosa PArks argument

3.7.5. Fines do nothing laughed off by associations

3.7.6. Needs one brave person if a black or Jewish player were abused in the street, they wouldn't tolerate it

4. Andrey Kurkov

4.1. Who will be the victim?

4.1.1. Racist individuals can be punished

4.1.2. yes, dignity of footballer, but ...

4.2. Musa O

4.2.1. The black footballers are already victims

4.2.2. good if game did end

4.2.3. we are complicit if we continue with game

4.2.4. accept the background noise of racism just normal that these are not men buyt high performance animals


4.3.1. leaving the field won't change things

4.3.2. Fans are not really fans, but do it to relieve their emotions

4.3.3. Need to be prosecuted under the law racial abuse on stadium is psycho pressure find them, arrest them, ban them ... like English system - blacklist people

4.3.4. Do education of society Bird watchers won't abuse anyone this is an aggressive crowd, they fell safe in a crowd

4.3.5. Use CCTV!

4.3.6. Musa What if country is so prejudiced that they won't police it OK? Blata laughing about gay sex What do you do when institution itself is racist/homophobic

5. Saha

5.1. Racial abuse is a disgrace

5.2. Balotelli

5.2.1. What he did yesterday was best response to racial abuse

5.3. In a football ground you are an example

5.3.1. young people watching you

5.3.2. the gesture depends on the amount of abuse

5.3.3. England/Spain was too much

5.4. Top of organisation needs to make clear statement

5.5. Player is paid a lot to make sure the game goes on

5.5.1. Clavane It is not a duty to do it, but it is a right - up to individual And what if Balotelli had not played well ... would it then have been OK to insult him racially Saha

6. Femi

6.1. Gradualism is not the right way

6.2. Balotelli is quite right

6.2.1. not to teach UEFA president

6.2.2. not just revenge for organisations

6.2.3. walk off because others not taking it seriously

6.2.4. If you stay on, you're saying "this is OK"

6.2.5. Walk off for yourselves, for your peace of mind Otherwise, they'll always wonder if they could have made a difference Fascinu, stand up to racism, stand up to homophobiia We die a bit inside every time we don't do something That's the real role model Do it for his family

6.2.6. All the family should go with him All the fans should sing him off the pitch

6.2.7. SAHA Yes, he would be a role model Bit what is the role model for someone suffering day to day in their jobs. May not be a great model FEMI

7. Web Questions

7.1. Raise awareness

7.1.1. Surely whole team should walk off

7.1.2. Force people to think

7.1.3. Raising awareness bigger than a game of football

7.1.4. Auclair It is a team sport, it needs to be a team act would have more weight you need to do this collectively

7.1.5. Clavane Agree! Philip Auclair has conceded that leaving the pitch is right You agree with us! SAHA FEMI Kurkov

7.2. Counter-productive

7.2.1. Gives racists victory

7.2.2. "what sort of a man gets upset by name-calling"

7.2.3. MUSA game is already ugly ... what sort of man you prove you're a man by responding morally

7.2.4. FEMI you're not making problem worse - by allowing it to continue, SAHA

7.3. Whose responsibility is it?

7.3.1. UEFA and FIFA did wrong by hosting it there

7.3.2. What about stadium staff

7.3.3. P Auclair Putting spotlight on this actually makes it better - is a learning experience Ignoring won't make progress Spain is pretty bad, so is Italy ... so which is the perfect country?

7.3.4. SAHA Toleration of racism by players yes, racists should be exposed ... by UEFA

7.4. What about use of social media to racially abuse?

7.4.1. MUSA Should be penalised

7.4.2. Andrey Kurkov Many views, very active ... tracing is easy Can take responsibility; can be publicised

7.5. Turin Daily - "We made them black" headline

7.5.1. Press perpetuating racism , how do we react?

7.5.2. FEMI Use all methods Respond to everything that appears in press Use social media!

8. Summing up

8.1. Philippe Auclair

8.1.1. Was devil's advocate .... not clear-cut

8.1.2. yes, big institutions need to be spurred. Referees have power. Needs teams to take it seriously. Do it collectively. Most powerful.

8.2. Musa

8.2.1. for

8.2.2. Yes, let's be practical. Balotelli would be a catalyst. Too much pressure on referee. Not reacting puts too much pressure on players to score!

8.2.3. Louis talked about history of discrimination ... but that is not yet won

8.3. Saha

8.3.1. His role is to make his children proud of being black ... Balotelli is an example - great athlete, and fighter. But we're all different, and collective approach is better

8.4. Femi

8.4.1. UEFA, FIFA needs to take action

8.4.2. Finding protagonists is not easy

8.4.3. Yes, need education

8.4.4. Need to do all of these things ... but it won't work without a shiny creature around it will all coalesce

8.5. Kurkov

8.5.1. Racism exists everywhere. Easier to fight in stadiums than in street. Need a qualification for civilised fans!

8.6. Liz MacKean

8.6.1. Any mind change? Kurkov Collective Philippe Auclair awareness of need for defining moment Saha Collective; defining moment Musa Loves Ukraine, Philippe's writing ... Image of Femi's is what I take away Femi Andrey need to show that they can deserve to watch football

9. The video