Digital Communication

Mind Map on Digital Communications

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Digital Communication by Mind Map: Digital Communication

1. Definition: ideas, information or images that are shared with others via electronically digitized files.

2. E-mail is an example of digital communication. I can share ideas, information and images with my family and associates.

3. Presentation application presentations are examples of digital communications. I can show a presentation about a subject area to my students using a projector and remote class meeting application.

4. Watching a Netflix movie is digital communication. The movie maker is sharing with me ideas, information and images that they think I will get something out of.

5. Digital is a term that is best understood by looking at its opposite, analog. Analog communication, for example a record playing on a player, can have take a form of an infinite number of possibilities to share it (the longitudinal waves can be an infinite number of different frequencies and amplitudes), while digital communication is shared in a form of discrete values, typically 0 or 1.

6. A document shared with another using the internet is an example of digital communication. The information, ideas and images are shared in a digitized format.

7. A social media post, like on Facebook, is an example of digital communication. The ideas, information, and images are transmitted to others in a digitized format.

8. An electronic gaming system, like the Nintendo Switch, is an example of digital communication. The game images, ideas and information are shared in a digitized format that my console shows me.

9. Television is now digital communication, though it was analog prior to 2009. I can recall using a piece of wire to rig a TV in my classroom to watch the events of 9/11, because the signal was analog. Now I would need an electronic digital translator device to take the radio transmission and convert it to a form that a TV could show.

10. Satellite radio is an example of digital communications. The signal that beings the ideas and information from the satellite is in the form of an electronically digitized signal that the satellite radio receiver converts into the analog vibrations from the speakers.

11. Digital Citizenship is our presence and actions in the digital space. It is how we act when communicating digitally and what we do with the digital communications we get.

11.1. Sending emails that are honest and respectful of others rights and feelings is an example of good digital citizenship.

11.2. Citing our sources of information we use that was obtained digitally is an example of responsible digital citizenship.

11.3. Sharing information on websites that is correct and not intended to misinform or confuse others is an example proper digital citizenship.

11.4. Using digital communications to threaten or humiliate others is improper digital citizenship.

11.5. Using digital communications to promote defamatory misinformation about people based on their gender, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation is improper digital citizenship.