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Bitcoin by Mind Map: Bitcoin

1. Other "Cryptocurrencies"

1.1. Ethereum

1.1.1. Economic Analysis

1.1.2. The Problem with Ethereum by Tomer Strolight

1.2. 5 Monetary Principles

1.3. The History of Money

1.4. Bitcoin will make all other currencies obsolete

1.5. Bitcoin First by Fidelity Digital Assets

1.6. Market Capitalization

1.6.1. Why the Bitcoin Dominance Index is Deceiving by Jimmy Song

1.7. Measuring Decentralization by Paul Sztorc

2. Holding

2.1. Wallets

2.1.1. Mobile Wallets Our Favorites

2.1.2. Hardware Wallets Our Favorites

2.2. Nodes

3. How it Works

3.1. Blockchain

3.2. Nodes

3.2.1. Transacting

3.2.2. Bitcoin Q&A: What is the Role of Nodes?

3.2.3. Why Run a Full Node? Six reasons why you should run your own Bitcoin Node

3.2.4. Measuring Decentralization by Paul Sztorc

3.3. Bitcoin Mining

3.3.1. Bitcoin Security How SHA256 and Mining Protect the Bitcoin Network by Arman the Parman I Tried Hacking Bitcoin And I Failed

3.3.2. Proof of Work

3.3.3. What the fees? Understanding the costs of bitcoin transactions by Buck Perley

3.4. Bitcoin Layer 2

3.4.1. Lightning Network Using Lightning Strike Zap

3.4.2. Lightning 101 Lightning 201

3.4.3. The Lightning Network in the Old West by jratcliff63367

3.4.4. The Bitcoin Lightning Network by NYDIG

3.5. Forks

3.5.1. Hard Forks Bitcoin Cash and the Fork Wars The Blocksize War: The battle over who controls Bitcoin’s protocol rules: 9798721895609: Bier, Jonathan: Books

3.5.2. Soft Forks Taproot Original Proposal By Gregory Maxwell Segwit

4. Buying

4.1. Decentralized Exhanges

4.1.1. Our Favorites Bisq

4.2. Mainstream Exchanges

4.2.1. Our Favorites Europe United States

4.3. Holding

4.3.1. Wallets Mobile Wallets Our Favorites Hardware Wallets Our Favorites

5. Philosophy

5.1. Austrian Economics

5.2. "The Mycelium of Money"

5.2.1. Brandom Quittem's "Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money"

5.2.2. Bitcoin is a Decentralized Organism (Mycelium Pt. 1) Why Fungi Makes Bitcoin Inevitable (Mycelium Pt. 2) Why Governments Can't Stop Bitcoin (Mycelium Pt. 3)

5.3. Personal Responsibility

5.4. Right to Privacy

5.5. Deep Takes on Bitcoin by Tomer Strolight

5.5.1. Moving Heaven and Earth by Tomer Strolight

5.6. The Anatomy of the State

5.6.1. Book

5.6.2. Short Film

5.7. Inalienable Property Rights by GIgi

5.8. Cypherpunks

5.8.1. A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow

5.9. Property Rights

5.9.1. How Cryptography Redefines Private Property by Hugo Nguyen

5.10. Bitcoin Knowledge and Perceptions (2022) by Block

5.11. Bitcoin's Habitats by Der Gigi

6. Bitcoin History

6.1. History of Bitcoin Timeline

6.2. The Evolution of Bitcoin Documentary

6.3. Cypherpunks Write Code | The Cypherpunk Movement Collection | Documentary | Presented By ReasonTV

6.3.1. A Cypherpunk's Manifesto

6.4. Satoshi Nakamoto

6.4.1. The Original Email Thread

6.4.2. The Bitcoin Whitepaper Audio Version (The Bitcoin Voicepaper)

7. The Existing Financial System

7.1. The Mystery of Banking by Murray Rothbard

7.2. The Creature from Jekyll Island [Book]

7.3. Inflation

7.3.1. Money Printing USD money printing in 2020, visualized

7.3.2. Masters and Slaves of Money by Robert Breedlove

7.4. Financial Surveillance

7.4.1. Worse than Useless: Financial Surveillance by Andreas Antonopoulos

7.5. The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin by Pierre Corbin

8. What is Bitcoin?

8.1. The Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin (Podcast Series)

8.2. The Bitcoin Whitepaper

8.3. Everything divided by 21 Million Video Series

8.4. Bitcoin and Blockchain

8.5. Ep. 1671 Bitcoin: A Guide for the Perplexed

8.6. How Does Bitcoin Work?

8.6.1. How Does Bitcoin Work? (CuriousInventor)

8.6.2. How Does Bitcoin Work (Hello Bitcoin)

8.6.3. Explain Bitcoin Like I'm Five by Nick Custodio

8.7. Map of Bitcoin by Gloria Zhao

8.8. Bitcoin Is Element Zero

9. A Bitcoin Future

9.1. Consumption in Bitcoin economy

9.2. Bitcoin and the Printing Press

9.3. Bitcoin as Free Speech with Naval Ravicant

10. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt

10.1. Bitcoin Obituaries

10.2. Bitcoin Can't Scale

10.2.1. The Lightning Network

10.2.2. Bitcoin Is Worse Is Better

10.3. Energy and Environment

10.3.1. "This Machine Greens" - Bitcoin Documentary

10.3.2. Michael Saylor on the Bitcoin Environment Argument

10.3.3. Bitcoin is Bad for the Planet

10.3.4. Video: Reason TV's take on the environmental impacts of Bitcoin.

10.3.5. Environment Impacts of Fiat Currencies The Carbon and Military Violence Backing US Dollars

10.3.6. Bitcoin Mining And The Case For More Energy

10.3.7. Bitcoin: A way to make the oil and gas industry more resilient

10.3.8. Bitcoin's Energy Crisis: Fact or Fiction? by Power Laws

10.3.9. The Questionable Ethics of Bitcoin ESG Junk Science by Level39

10.3.10. We Need to Talk About the not Science Behind Digiconomist

10.3.11. Proof-of-work vs. Proof-of-stake by yungfi

10.4. A 51% Attack

10.5. Bitcoin is Socially Unjust

10.5.1. Article: Check Your Financial Privilege by Alex Gladstein [Audio by Bitcoin Audible]

10.6. Bitcoin is too volatile

10.6.1. Bitcoin is not too volatile by Parker Lewis

10.7. Bitcoin is a ponzi scheme

10.7.1. Why Bitcoin is Not a Ponzi Scheme: Point by Point

10.8. People That Are STILL in Denial About Bitcoin!

10.9. Things People Say In Bear Markets

10.10. Quantum Computing Will Destroy Bitcoin

10.11. Bitcoin is too centralized

10.11.1. Fact Check: DARPA Funded Report on Blockchain Centralization

10.11.2. Against the Minimum Majority Measure by David A. Harding

10.12. The Internet vs Bitcoin

10.13. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value

10.13.1. "Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing" by Parker Lewis

11. Economics

11.1. What is Money?

11.1.1. The History of Money

11.1.2. The Gold Standard WTF Happened in 1971 | The Year The World Changed WTF Happened In 1971?

11.1.3. What makes a good money? How will Bitcoin make the BEST money?

11.1.4. Shelling Out: The Origins of Money by Nick Szabo

11.1.5. Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Mike Maloney

11.2. Today's Applications for Bitcoin

11.2.1. World-wide payments Strike The Investor's Podcast with Jack Mallars Sending/Receiving With a Bitcoin Wallet

11.2.2. Bitcoin-backed Loans

11.3. Austrian Economics

11.3.1. I, Pencil by Leonard E. Read

12. Privacy

12.1. Bitcoin Privacy: Best Practices by Matt Odell and Gigi

12.2. Bitcoin Privacy by Matt Oddell

12.3. Your Guide to Using Bitcoin Privately by Rijndael and Mark Goodwin