EDCT 2030 Lesson Plan

This is my map for EDCT 2030.

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EDCT 2030 Lesson Plan by Mind Map: EDCT 2030 Lesson Plan

1. Introductory lesson on Physics

1.1. This lesson will be taught through guided instruction. I will provide the content to learn, show how the lab should be performed and then work with the students in their groups. Introduce the concept of Physics, how it affects our real world and some real examples.

1.1.1. Introduce vocabulary list Some guided questions are, "how does the block slide", "what causes it to slide" "what would change the motion of the block?"

2. Lab plans

2.1. Wooden block on a metal plate at an angle to show how friction can impact our gravity.

3. Grade system

3.1. 90-100 A 80-89 B 70-79 C

4. Materials Needed

4.1. Students will need lab notebook, pencil, and calculator

4.1.1. I will need wooden block (5), metal strip (5), and marbles.

5. This lesson will work with 8th grade content standard 8.PS.2: Forces can act to change the motion of objects. This lesson will work with ages 13-14 years old.

5.1. The groups will be 5 groups and 4 students in each group. Each group will have a mix of boys and girls and students of all backgrounds.

5.1.1. Students will have been introduced to the properties of physics and how gravity works prior to this lesson.

6. Technology

6.1. Students will then type up their lab report and design a situation with Google Docs to create a situation in which the lab results would be theoretically perfect.

7. Evaluation and Reflection

7.1. This lab should run smoothly considering all students behave and stick to the lesson content. This lesson also will be crucial to prepare the students for high school math and science.

8. Accommodations

8.1. Move lab tables to back of the room to allow student in wheelchair appropriate access to the room. Students with behavioral issues also will need to be placed with students who will balance them out.