"Japanese Mothers and Obentos"

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"Japanese Mothers and Obentos" by Mind Map: "Japanese Mothers and Obentos"

1. Cultural Myth

1.1. The way food is presented is more important than the taste of it

1.2. Children are not interested in what the food looks like but they are raised to follow the tradition of obentos

1.2.1. Session Rule 1

1.2.2. Session Rule 2

1.3. "Container is more important than contained"

1.4. Food is viewed as an art. ex. apple is carved into a design

2. Structures of Power

2.1. Culture

2.1.1. way of life

2.2. Ideological State Apparatuses

2.2.1. Institutions that educate

3. School

3.1. Shape children into proper gender roles

3.1.1. ex. boys play with specific toys because they are boys.

3.2. Obedience is learned

3.2.1. leads to obedience in one's state

3.3. Obentos are present

4. Nursery school

4.1. Makes a child comfortable

4.2. Committed Mothers

4.3. No Obentos after first grade

5. New node