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To-Do List by Mind Map: To-Do List

1. What to buy:

1.1. Wigs for Jane and Kanaya

1.2. Textile colour for Gamzee

1.3. Horns

1.3.1. Clay

1.3.2. Colour

1.3.3. Broad Headbands

1.3.4. Expanding foam

1.4. Normal makeup

1.4.1. Green eyeshadow (&Possibly lipstick)

1.4.2. Yeah just ask mum

1.5. Leggings or alike for Kanaya (Grey)

1.6. Elegant longer gloves for Snowman (or use Mothers leather ones)

1.7. Cig holder

1.8. Närcon

1.9. Boots for the medieval LARP

2. Dayplanning

2.1. 19

2.1.1. Go to the city and buy clay, expanding foam and colour, begin working on horns, possibly wigstyling

2.2. 20

2.2.1. Finish at least the base of the horns, colouring not required, but would be nice.

2.3. 21

2.3.1. Finish the horns /now/. Begin working on the medieval clothes (Bli färdig med Kjorteln tills nu. Börja med hosorna)

2.4. 22

2.4.1. Bli färdig med hosorna, börja med brokorna)

2.5. 23

2.5.1. Bli färdig med brokorna, börja med skjortan

2.6. 24

2.6.1. Fixa något att sova på (antingen filtar, eller sy egen sovsäck)

2.7. 25

2.7.1. Make sure that everything is done, make sure that I know how to apply makeup, rest ... AHAHA REST WHAT A JOKE I HAVE TO BAKE THIS DAY AND PACK AND AUGH SOMEONE CALL ME A LAWYER I NEED TO WRITE A TESTAMENT

3. Krigshjärta

3.1. Saker att sy

3.1.1. Brokor

3.1.2. Hosor

3.1.3. Kjortel

3.1.4. Skjorta

3.1.5. Något att sova på

4. Useful links

4.1. Makeup

4.2. Horns (Or check Realistic Horns Tutorial)

4.3. Zentai suit perhaps