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Dauss Miller by Mind Map: Dauss Miller

1. Coaching

1.1. I offer everything from photography training to one on one mentoring.

1.1.1. would you like to find out the best training for your specific needs? Qualifying questions Offer

2. Website Page Flows

2.1. Weddings

2.1.1. Great! Congrats (Photo) Qualifying questions Offer

2.2. Commercial

2.2.1. No problem (Photo) Qualifying questions Offer

2.3. Branding

2.3.1. No problem (Photo) Qualifying questions Offer

2.4. Headshots

2.4.1. You will love what we can do (Photo) Qualifying questions Offer

3. Follow Up

3.1. Logic will depend on message sent

3.1.1. Dropoff message 5 min

4. Facebook Ad Flows

4.1. Story/Testimonial

4.1.1. Choose from options qualifying questions calendar link

4.2. Pain/Befefit

4.2.1. Choose from options qualifying questions calendar link

4.3. About Dauss

4.3.1. Choose from Main Menu qualifying questions calendar link

5. Subscriptions

5.1. Discounts

5.1.1. Send out a message to everyone on your list when doing specials and promos Connect promo flows FB ad flows

5.2. Newsletter

5.2.1. weekly/bi-weekly/monthly Connect main menu link

5.3. SMS/Text

5.3.1. For events or big promo's /Don't abuse Hey {first_name} I thought you might want to check us out at the venue tonight here's all the info LINK Flow with all informaiton

6. Facebook Page Get Started

6.1. Welcome! Main Menu

7. Default Reply

7.1. Hey sorry I am just a bot. If you would like to chat with a human you can do so by clicking below.

7.1.1. Book a Call

7.1.2. Main Menu

7.1.3. Unsubscribe

8. Main Menu

8.1. Photography Services

8.1.1. Website Page Flows

8.2. Coaching/Mentoring

8.3. LIve Chat

8.3.1. Answer a few questions Send to calendar link or email

9. FB Comments & Likes

9.1. Hey {first name} thanks for interacting with my post. If you ever need any photography help don't be shy. Click below to see all my services.

9.1.1. Main Menu