Present Simple

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Present Simple by Mind Map: Present Simple

1. Affirmative sentences

2. I/We/You/They Examples: I work in an office We live in Canada You read books

3. He/She/It when speaking in the third person singular he, she, it is added "s" or "es" at the end of the verb of each affirmative sentence and when the verb ends in "ch", "sh", "x" or "ss" is added "es" Examples: Tony (He) works in an office Alejandra (She) fixesthe car

4. Negative Sentences

5. I/We/You/They when the sentence is negative and ends in I, We, You, They, don´t is used. Examples: I don´t work in an office We don´t live in Canada You don´t read books

6. He/She/It when the sentence is negative and ends in He, She, It, doesn´t is used. Examples: He doesn´t work in an office She doesn´t live in the U.S.

7. Interrogative sentences

8. Yes/No questions

9. He/She/It If you are going to ask a question with the pronouns He, She, It, the ausilar Does is used Examples: Does he work in an office? -Yes, he does -No, he doesn´t Does it eat in the garden? -Yes, it does -No, it doesn´t

10. I