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Numeration by Mind Map: Numeration

1. Method of Evaluation

1.1. Multiple choice test

1.2. Open-ended answer test

2. Notes

2.1. enVision MATH

2.2. Objectives

2.2.1. Students will read and write numbers in the hundreds, thousands, ten and hundred thousands

2.2.2. Use ordinal numbers to show order

2.2.3. Students will compare and order 3 digit and 4 digit whole numbers

2.2.4. Students will find the value of money and figure out change

2.3. Reasoning

2.3.1. Our number system is based on groups of ten. Whenever we get ten on one place value, we move to the next greater place value

2.3.2. Ordinal numbers are used to show the order of people or objects. Numbers can be named in different ways.

2.3.3. Count money starting at the bill or coin with the highest value. Skip count to count money. Use $ and . to write money amounts.

3. Resources

3.1. 3rd grade cohorts

3.1.1. Peichel Oswald

3.2. SmartBoard link

4. Objectives

4.1. Hundreds

4.1.1. Task: read write numbers in hundreds

4.1.2. Prerequisites: read and write numbers with one or two digits

4.2. Thousands

4.2.1. Task: read/write numbers with 4 digits

4.2.2. Prerequisites: read/write 3 digits

4.3. Greater Numbers

4.3.1. Task: read/write greater numbers to 6 digits

4.3.2. Prerequisites: read/write 4 digits

4.4. Ways to Name Numbers

4.4.1. Task: name numbers to show order

4.5. Comparing Numbers

4.5.1. Prerequisite: know that you can name numbers in different ways

4.5.2. Task: Compare 3-digit and 4-digit whole numbers

4.5.3. Prerequisite: write number in place-value chart, expanded form and word form

4.6. Ordering Numbers

4.6.1. Task: order 3-digit and 4-digit numbers

4.6.2. Prerequisite: compare 2 numbers

4.7. Counting Money

4.7.1. Task: find value of money, $5, $1, half-dollar, quarter, dime, nickel, penny

4.7.2. Prerequisite: count with numbers

4.8. Making Change

4.8.1. Task: count on from purchase price to make change.

4.8.2. Prerequisite: count money and know value of each coin.

5. Prerequisites

5.1. Review

5.1.1. the act or process or an instance of counting or numbering

5.2. Set context