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Promoting: How? by Mind Map: Promoting: How?
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Promoting: How?

This is just a demo map that you can delete right away, if you feel like it...

ONLINE promotion

Building technological proximity

Get the first click, Ensure that backlink is in the right place

Any subsequent click

Choose the right MANIFESTATOR

Put it on the right site

Put it in the right place

Choose the right LANDING PAGE

Should fit the ad

Should meet visitor's expectations

OFFLINE promotion

Building psychological proximity

Online address on all objects, Gadgets, T-shirts, Pens, etc.

Online address on all products

Online address mentioned in answering machine text

Address should be moving around, Buses, Cars, etc.

Technological proximity

Ask for backlinks


No competitors!

Ask the right people


Ask for free


Paying, PPI: Pay Per Impression, PPC: Pay Per Click, PPL: Pay Per Lead, PPT: Pay Per Transaction

Target vs. public


One-way communication


Communication & interaction