My ideas moving forward

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My ideas moving forward by Mind Map: My ideas moving forward

1. impasto

1.1. Experiment more with this style

1.1.1. use some of my own images

1.2. gain more contextual knowledge with this

1.3. look into Pia Fries

1.3.1. use own pictures to create response

1.4. Experiment on a larger scale

1.5. think about texture

1.5.1. what materials can i combine with the paint to make it thicker

1.5.2. Think about contrast between impasto and flat paint to create a more dynamic piece

2. final piece

2.1. canvas?

2.1.1. ive decided that im not a fan of canvases or the texture that they have

2.1.2. create my own canvas made out of a different material?

3. more samples

3.1. again more different styles

3.2. try fauvism style to experiment

3.3. look further into impasto

3.4. create my own experiments at home

3.5. daily sketches

3.5.1. rough

3.5.2. different areas in a room or outside

3.6. paint from still life not just from pictures

3.6.1. lamp light paintings

3.6.2. larry bracegirdle

3.7. discuss more about artists from book

3.7.1. which artists can influence my work

4. take more pictures

4.1. figure out what pictures i have and assess which ones i could use

4.2. take advantage of the use of all lighting

4.2.1. rainy days and artificial lighting even though they might be rubbish still record

4.3. go on walks and photograph at different times of the day

4.4. take pictures in a room throughout the day

4.5. use the photographs from steves session

4.5.1. combine this with favourite artist/ style so far

5. other media?

5.1. which other media could i combine with my outcomes?

5.1.1. yarn/ wool for texture

5.1.2. paper/ frolded paper origami forms?

5.1.3. cardboard

5.1.4. things in my household

5.1.5. reflective surfaces

6. composition

6.1. big painting in the middle then close up sections blown up and painted arranged around

6.2. series of paintings next to each other sequentially