Social classes

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Social classes by Mind Map: Social classes

1. High classes

1.1. monarchs

1.1.1. Rulers of the land

1.1.2. Queen Elizabeth 1 Considered the best monarch to ever ruled England

1.1.3. who disobeyed the queen was punished by execution

1.2. Nobility

1.2.1. Wealthy and powerful

1.2.2. How to become a member Granted by the queen Born into a family of nobles

1.2.3. The numbers of nobles was small The monarch viewed them as a threat to their power

1.2.4. In noble families the most important was a baron, a duke or a

1.3. Gentry

1.3.1. Gentlemen went to parliament and served as justices of peace

1.3.2. How to become a gentry Be born into gentry Become a wealthy landowner

1.3.3. Most important social class during Queen Elizabeth reing

2. Middle classes

2.1. Merchants

2.1.1. Included Tradesmen, shopkeepers, and people who made pruducts for public consumption.

2.1.2. Weaving and cloth became very popular

2.1.3. Their class became stronger Recived some of the privileges the high class recived

2.1.4. Obtain profit from shipping goods to ports and selling every day food

2.2. Yeomanry

2.2.1. Farmers, trandesmen and craft workers

2.2.2. Literate and very religious

2.2.3. They had wealth but they chose to spend it differently. Spending their money to expand the land

2.2.4. Did the manual labour of the farmers themselves

3. Lower class

3.1. Laborers

3.1.1. Husbandmen and poor retailers

3.1.2. The Queen Elizabeth's goberment created the English Poor Laws The poor laws assigned the local parish as overseers of the poor, who: Kept track of the poverty rate Distinguished between "deserving poor"and "underserving poor" Evaluate the amount of money to help poor people

3.1.3. Uneducated

4. What ditermined their social class at that time?

4.1. The food they eat

4.2. The clothes they wore

4.2.1. Blue and black High classes

4.2.2. Brown Lower classes

4.3. The events they could attend

4.4. The opportunities they had